Friday, April 23, 2010

My follow up story- Hijab for ALL

By Shanaaz Hassem-Jaylarnie

I just wanted to say, that the Hijab struggle is not just for women, I have a young son, who struggles with the fact that he has to wear a head covering - toupee or whatever you want to call it, as this hinders him from having a hairstyle, being more modern, and many non Muslims ask him tons of questions about wearing it. it’s an opportunity, an opportunity to dawah, and the younger you are, the better it is. So the young ones should learn to never feel intimidated by the "difference", they should learn how to answer back to the snickers and ignorance of the ones who do not understand, and they should stand with confidence that the power of wearing the Islamic dress code, defines wholly not only who you are, or who you can become, but it also epitomises the impact that you have on others. So wear you Islamic dress with pride, and answer with confidence. Allah has put all of us in this hard times, because Allah knew we were strong enough to take Islam through the storm.

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