About Hijab Diaries

For most Muslim sisters, the journey towards hijab has been a bitter-sweet experience. Alhamdulila, we will readily admit that hijab gives us a sort of beauty, peace and power that we cannot find anywhere else, we also have to admit that the journey towards that is not an easy one. There are various trials for women and each Muslimah’s experience is unique in its own, but the thing that stands out is that no matter whose story you read, from different parts of the world, at different stages in life, within various environments, the stories of how women came to change their way of dressing an indeed their lives is inspiring!

Some of us have reached the stage where we feel strange leaving our homes without the hijab, while others are still struggling to become comfortable leaving their homes with the hijab. At whatever point we are at though, it helps to realize that there are others out there who know and understand exactly what it’s like.

“Hijab Diaries” is a blog for all Muslim sisters. This is the place where you get to share your story with others, and where you get to read about the stories of all your Muslim sisters. Every single story is an inspiration in its own right and every single woman has something important and valuable that she can share.

Insha’Allah we hope that through these stories we will connect with one another as Muslim sisters and through these stories we will become inspired, strong, and proud to be Muslimah’s!

Don’t be afraid to share your stories sisters, you never know the difference that you can make.

May Allah (SWT) strengthen the Muslim ummah and shower His mercy and blessings on us.

Your sisters in Islam

Zarina Hassem and Zeenat Sirkhot