How Hijab Diaries got started

This project came about when two Muslim sisters realized that they could put their efforts together and make an attempt to do something that would show people the true beauty of hijab, and at the same time allow Muslim women to understand the importance of hijab.

Zeenat Sirkhot, the creator of the facebook group “Scarfs for you” felt the urgent need to do something. She had already begun the group on facebook with the hope that this could provide a forum for Muslim women to come together and share hijab and fashion tips and ideas. Alhamdulila, the group was a huge success and attracted many people. The group now has a membership of 1001 people. This was not enough though and Zeenat still wanted to do more. It seems that Allah Almighty had a plan and so it was that she came into contact with Zarina Hassem who shared her interest and who through her own work wants to help Muslim women develop a strong Islamic identity. Together the two played around with various ideas and finally came up with the idea for “Hijab Diaries”.

Alhamdulila, this was all through the will and mercy of Allah Almighty, without whom nothing is possible.

Now that the seeds have been planted, the flowers will only grow through the collective efforts of Muslim sisters, and this will only happen when Muslim sisters share their stories, Insha’Allah.

May Allah Almighty be with us all!